Focus drawn to Harold’s Cross Housing

A huge congratulations to Focus Ireland as it presents it’s 2016 Annual Report in Greenmount Close, Harold’s Cross. Minister for Housing Eoin Murphy was present, as was Mike Allen, Head of Advocacy, who intended to meet with him to discuss the need for further developments such as this project, “We will be emphasizing with him that we want to work with him to see much more of these sort of homes opening and quickly. And that’s the only way we’re going to be able to tackle homelessness”. Completed several months ago by K&J Townmore, the works saw 28 residential units built and now open for use at Harolds Cross Dublin. This comes at a time when almost 650 families are still residing in emergency accommodation provided by Dublin City Council in hotels and B&Bs at the end of May.
Focus Ireland CEO Ashley Balbirnie begins proceedings and welcomes everyone to the Annual Report. She concludes by introducing Gerry Danaher, Chair of the Focus Ireland Board, who spoke briefly on Focus Irelands aims and values. He spoke of how this project to build 28 new homes was the most ambitious undertaken by Focus Ireland. Without the gracious donation of the site from the Sisters of Charity and the continued support from the Housing Finance Agency following the crash and Our Lady’s Hospice, this project would not have been possible. This sensitive site and case had to be dealt with professionally and delicately and this was achieved in a highly appropriate manor by all involved.
Focus Ireland aims to double the number of houses it leases/owns by the end of 2020. At the end of 2016, 820 homes were provided. Of this an impressive 645 were long term solutions. While the government has admitted that the goal to have all of these families relocated and settled by the end of June is not possible at the moment, the hope is still to achieve this in the coming months. K&J Townmore is proud to see the project come to fruition and hopes, like Mr Allen, that the development is not the last of its kind. We ourselves would like to thank CJ Falconers, the architects on the project, for their continued standards of excellence.