Industrial Relations

industrial-relationsTownmore have traditionally enjoyed a very positive history of Industrial relations. It is no coincidence that the H.R. function is controlled at Director level, by Jacqueline Screeney and, as such, has a place at Board level.

Moreover, H.R. policy and practice is enshrined in Townmore’s ISO9001 and has been particularly successful in maintaining harmony in the workplace since the company was founded. Townmore is proudly an equal opportunities employer and has clear and transparent policies which apply to all employees.

Townmore is fully aware of the current regulated Industrial relations environment in which it operates, and is acutely aware of its responsibilities towards its direct employees and supply chain.

Harmony is ensured by a number of key Townmore principles

1. Clear and transparent contracts for all stakeholders, outlining roles & responsibilities, deliverables, pay & conditions, procedures in the event of disputes.
2. On demand internal mediation service and dispute resolution mechanism.
3. Vetting and approval of supply-chainn prior to sub-contract sign-up. In effect, Townmore has a trusted supply
chain, equally committed to successful conclusion of every project. To copperfasten, this, our record of payments to our supply chain is, we believe, without parallel.
4. Part of the Townmore supply chain agreement is an unequivocal buy-in to the programme on every project.
5. Townmore’s history of good industrial relations is no accident. By building trust in every stakeholder in the business, communicating honestly, and giving recognition and appreciation for work and achievement, Townmore has built a culture which attracts likeminded and fair partners.
6. While difficulties will inevitably arise from time to time, Townmore’s healthy policies around H.R. and its partners ensure that matters are dealt with efficiently in an open and honest forum, and are concluded in the best interests of all concerned.